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Also, enjoy this little ditty that I wrote when I was lovesick about a boy that looked like an anime character:

Anime Boy
Though it wasn’t time to trust again, whom shall I blame?
Do I blame society for teaching the young that beauty markers matter most or do I blame the one who scorned?
I’d rather choose to believe in a world where love existed in the moments of the evening betwixt the two of us.
A flash of your debonair smile and conversations about nothing and everything.
Your social prowess and your youth attracts many; I’m sure I’m not the only whose fallen victim to your charm.
My ignorance is to blame.
My heart leapt upon the receipt of your number (though now it seemed like a ploy to get me away).
The night was nice as you made me your “special” drink.
Maybe that night will be all we ever share.
Your pitch black hair and your shining devilish grin.
It was a new hairstyle, you told me. Freshly dyed that day.
After you unceremoniously told me to go, I should have seen something was wrong.
That I distracted you.
I was blinded by the thoughts that it was a good distraction.
Texts exchanged: merely a few.
I went to bed with great thoughts racing.
Ignored in the morning.
Nothing to do but say goodbye to my night with the boy.
さようなら My Anime Boy.
The night lives in my heart.


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